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Power up!

We bring 615 into the modern age.
Power up!
Safer days ahead.

The guys from Elite Electrical Contracting installed 615's upgrade yesterday in cooperation with BWL. As they were working on this big job, I had to stop down at the city building department to ask about whether we need a permit for something upcoming and ended up talking with one of the staff there about the Pushmatic. He told me that Pushmatics were the second most likely kind of electric system to cause a house fire.

So, happy that's gone!

The Pushmatic on the driveway, waiting to be taken away to wherever old electrical boxes go.

You know, I grouch about BWL sometimes, but there are plenty of times when they show up and do the job just right, and this was one of those. They were scheduled to shut down the power to 615 at 8:30, and by 8:20 they were in the driveway ready to go.

I enjoyed showing them the homemade toy BWL bucket truck – just like theirs! – that Aron had built for our son when he was about four years old. They found it charming.

I no longer have a little kid to be my excuse to watch commercial vehicles doing fascinating things, but it turns out that if you own a property, no one thinks you're too weird when you stick around to watch what's happening there.

In a completely unrelated matter, this week BWL also heeded my request to tone down the stadium lighting installed on the tall telephone pole across the street from my bedroom.

You can see how adorable our "hometown power company" is if you look at this note; they just assume you know the area code.

Yesterday a general contractor who might be doing some framing for interior projects also stopped by, and he convinced me we should do the relatively minor demo needed for the replacement of the drop ceiling in the kitchen and second floor bathroom (just over the shower). So, I know what I'll be doing this weekend when I should be doing my taxes. Way more fun breaking things.

Tom Morgan of Bud, Branch & Blossom has advised that the planting will start tomorrow!

Everybody keeps telling me how much better the yard looks. The squirrels have been having fun digging in the mulch.

The painter we normally use came out at my request to bid on painting the window trim...and he decided the house is too tall and he's too old for it. I get that! If you're in the area and have a painter to recommend for this, let me know. I need to get my house's window trim painted, too.

Hoping to talk to a tile guy later today.... But for now, I'm happy to know the one really big safety upgrade that needed doing is done.