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Like an estate sale, but free.

Don't share this one. It's just for friends and neighbors.
Like an estate sale, but free.
Interested in a 19th century (we think) apothecary cabinet (we think)? We're keeping the dollies.

Neighbors and friends are invited to a "pick-over party" next Saturday, Feb. 17, from 10 a.m. - noon at 615 Sunset Lane. We'll be giving away the items we are not planning to keep for staging. (We'll be keeping that beautiful dining room table and chairs, shown above, for now.)

Here's a preview of some of what is available:

A gorgeous oak sideboard-style apothecary cabinet. It could be hung on a wall if you know what you're doing:

UPDATE: A neighbor has "called" this one. It is no longer available.

An old wooden pantry cabinet (nice antique hardware) with a laminate top. It would look great with a new top, like a stone piece obtained from the remnant piles at the local countertop places, or even a piece of darker butcher block:

The appliances are gone, but you can have the cabinet!

A leather couch in pretty good condition with built-in recliners:

A well-made oak vanity cabinet with beveled mirrors, available with an oak towel rack and toilet paper holder:

A small wooden side table:

Three window air conditioners (we're installing central air, hooking it up to the new furnace) and window fan units, all working:

Matching light blue couch and loveseat set in good condition with built-in recliners:

UPDATE: A neighbor has "called" the couch and loveseat. They are no longer available.
UPDATE: The couch and loveseat are no longer available. A neighbor has "called" them.

Working large-screen TV with remote and also a black TV stand in good condition:

A small side table with cabinet doors:

Bean bag (in very good condition) and a mirror:

A wooden desk with four drawers and a slide-out keyboard holder:

Plus lots more – a smattering of books and kitchenwares, downhill skis, laundry and workshop tables, tons of workshop doo-dads, a bed, and more.

The deal: it's yours if you take it first. If there's something you desperately want now and you know how to reach me, go for it!